10 Facts About Me {Lauren from Little Red Writing Solutions} that you surely didn’t know.

  1. I’m addicted to Coke Zero {but drink in moderation}- feels like it’s the only thing that cures my thirst!
  2. I keep a journal and have recently started to publish it online- no secrets when it comes to me.
  3. I am totally into anything 80’s right now. Roller skates, the Labyrinth {Bowie, Dance Magic and Hoggle!}, neon brights, Cabbage Patch Kids {for my tiny princess, not me!} to name a few
  4. I’m seriously contemplating becoming vegetarian
  5. I’m creating my own website for Little Red. Yes, I’m not employing anyone else, it’s all up to me! {to be launched soon!}
  6. I am sceptical {and quite nervous} about seeing a Medium but I’m going to try it out {how do I know if they are good or not? Is good even the right word to use there?}
  7. I sing really loudly when I’m by myself- I pretend I’m professional. And it feels good!
  8. I love colouring in- ahhhhhh, stress relief.
  9. My short term personal writing goal is to publish a book for my children- illustrations and all.
  10. I’m allergic to mosquito bites- very allergic. I won’t post pics to show you how allergic I am, that’s how allergic I am. It’s horrifying. Tiny vampires they are!


(just in case you didn’t know. it is crucial social knowledge!)

Now your turn. Tell me one odd fact about yourself. It has to be odd, or something you think other people would believe to be unusual.

Lauren @LittleRed