10 Google Apps Tried and Tested- a Little Red Review (Part One)

So my latest research adventure had taken me to the deepest, darkest depths of the Google App Macrocosm. I have been looking for some inventive, inspiring and slightly left-field apps which could help make my time spent staring into my screen and into my notebooks just that extra tad enjoyable and productive. Some of the Apps may be known to you, the others you may just have to check out for yourself here at the Chrome Store.


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In no particular order, but all rated, tried and tested by me (Little Red), these are the Apps I’ve been playing around with over the last two weeks.

Mention– By giving this app keywords, I’ve been able to keep an eye on my brand, popular keywords specific to my interests and my industry passions. I’ve been able to find out who is talking copy writing or small business on Twitter and Pinterest via real-time alerts. I’ve received these alerts via email and have checked daily. I’ve found some using useful tools, articles and general web users who I’d like to follow using Mention. You can add most social media accounts to these app and watch the keyword alerts pile up big-time. Issues? Most of my alerts have come from Twitter- I want a wider search. I’d suggest this app to: writers, marketing gurus, customer service specialists, SEO managers

    • Little Red Rating: 4/5

MindMeister– Who doesn’t love a good brainstorming session? I’ve been able to create and edit mind maps through this app and share the content I’ve created. You can export your files to Adobe (for PDF generation), Word and PowerPoint. If you share a mind mapping session with a team of signed-up users, you can chat with those members live. The best thing about this App is that I’ve been able to sit in bed and use it on my iPad. Handy! This app can be synced with your Google Drive. Issues? You need a Google Login (obviously) and it interacts with some of your other Google Apps, which you may not want. I’d suggest this App to: Event Planners, Account Managers, Project Managers and those who adore lists and note-taking as much as I seem to

    • Little Red Rating: 4.5/5

SocialSav- If you’re like me and some days, don’t have as much time to follow social media trends. this App may be a useful one to check out. It’s a free weekly report that outlines social media trends, a basic performance analysis of your brand (you can add up to three with the free account) and a bonus is that, for those competitive small business owners, you can add up to two competitor brands to compare how you are travelling (social-media) growth wise. There are a variety of platforms you can monitor your brand’s performance from and you can compare things like Fan Expansion and Fan Engagement. For those who use Tweet Deck or HootSuite, you can view updates of these monitoring tools via SocialSav updates too. Issues? It appears to be quite a new-ish App so there are no other easily accessible reviews I can compare this “critical analysis” to. I’d suggest this App to: medium-size business owners, business owners who use multiple social media platforms and monitoring tools, sticky beaks and those who want to engage in a bit of social media rivalry

    • Little Red Rating: 3/5

Google Docs- Given that Chrome Store users have rated this App a 4.5/5 Star App, I had to check it out. It’s one of those great “hunter and gatherer” tools I like to stumble across- it prides itself in keeping all your documents together, in the one place. Your Google mates can see changes to your documents (Please refer to the Issues? I’m about to address). It’s yet another mobile-friendly App (which I’ve only used on the trusty iPad so far) which means I can use the App at any point in my day (or night, depending on how long my tiniest Goblin is awake for). I’ve been able to open and edit files on a laptop that doesn’t have the Office software installed- best feature, other than the grand idea of it being an online brief case. Issues? If you value your privacy when it comes to your documents, consider wisely how much you add to Google Docs– it is a sharing-is-caring App, after all. I’d suggest this App to: well, everyone really.

    • Little Red Rating: 4.95/5 (nothing’s that perfect right?)

Remember The Milk– The catchy name caught me from the beginning. It was love at first site. I love the fact that over 100,000 Google Chrome Users are remembering the milk at present! It’s another mobile-friendly app (which has thankfully kept both Android and Apple users happy). The App syncs with Outlook. Excited! The App connects with Twitter and Google Calendar. Yesss! Easily set due dates for tasks ahead of time (loving this, as I can’t live without my diary and my hundred million hard-copy lists on a daily basis). Be reminded of your lists and tasks via email or text. Awesome! Best feature? The App in itself. It’s quick, stable (haven’t noticed any significant crashes since I became a user) and the Hippies and Greenies of the World will love you for becoming a supporter of this App- forget your notepads and paper reams and save the trees peoples! Issues? Not for lactose-intolerant desktop users- apparently the Desktop Offline feature has not been rolled out to users yet. Le Sigh! I’d suggest this app to: any parent, grandparent, aunty, cousin, teacher, nurse, well anyone busy and anyone with internet access. You totally get my drift. 

    • Little Red Rating: 5/5 (I think it’s pretty near perfect!)
Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)