Little Red’s Guest Book- Rebecca Nicolandos (Bibo Photography)


Would you kindly tell my readers a little bit about your business- how did you get started? Where are you are based? What do you do?

I started taking photos when I was 16. After Secondary College, I studied at RMIT in Commercial Photography, which led me onto assisting fashion, commercial and industrial photographers. I then moved on to work in a wedding photography studio, where I learnt most of what I know from the lead photographer, Vanessa Hall. Then I decided to explore another career so I studied and worked as a Primary teacher for 5 years. I still photographed many weddings and family shoots in that time via word of mouth referrals. Once I became pregnant, I decided to open my own business, Bibo Photography. This name stems from my maiden name: Bibby.

I live in Mooroolbark, and travel to many places with my weddings including Ballarat and other regional areas of Victoria. I photograph weddings, babies and families mostly.

What made you start your own small business?

Flexible work hours to suit being a Mum.

Tell us about your favourite photography experience to date.

This always changes! I have so many wonderful experiences in my work. A most favourite one, as of two days ago, was helping out a couple whose wedding photographer caught the flu and lost her voice the day of the wedding. I jumped on board and photographed the day for them. It was so exciting!

Who are your favourite Australian and International photographers and why?

I like photographers who keep it real. Their work is natural and playful. Recently I have been admiring Beth Jennings work, she makes fusion films incorporating audio and still photographs to create memories of a certain moment in time. I also like ‘Jinky Art’ although the photographs are very different to what I do, that is what appeals to me.

Have you ever been given a really strange brief for a shoot? Tell us about it.

Mmmmmm, nothing really surprises me… can’t say I have!

Do you have any advice for the budding photographers out there who want to start their own small business but might need a little push in the right direction?

Attend workshops, join a local camera club to get new ideas (I’m a member of Camberwell Camera Club), start slowly and keep your overheads down by working from home, network, start a referral program – word of mouth is the best advertising….

Which social media platforms are you using to promote your business and more importantly, connect with the online community?

Facebook and my blog are my main focus now. I am just about to have a business marketing review done to give me more ideas on this.

Do you market yourself in your local community? How? 

I used to attend baby markets to help my business name get out there. As I work part-time, I rely on word of mouth at the moment and networking. I always have a great amount of business.

Image: Rebecca captures the finer details of your perfect day

Image: Rebecca captures the finer details of your perfect day (image courtesy of Bibo Photography)

You are stranded on an island in the middle of the Pacific. Which three “survival” items do you have on you?

Mmmmm… tricky. I need to live, so water, food and digital camera! I wouldn’t have anything to load them onto, but at least I wouldn’t be bored!

What’s the best advice about small business you’ve been given?

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to refer people elsewhere if their requirements don’t gel with what you offer.

Do you have a photography bucket list? ie a list of “must do” shoots? 

A bucket list for MY family is…

a beach shoot

an urban shoot (we have done this one)

and at Monsalvat – where James and I were married

ImageImage: Rebecca and her beautiful daughter Maya

How would you react to seeing your images posted on someone’s page? (Without consent or acknowledgement) How would you best deal with this situation?

I don’t see this happen much as I explain my policies clearly to clients and place a ‘read me’ file in with any USB drives that people purchase.

My first reaction would be one of feeling flattered (they clearly like my work), then I would remind them of the terms of use as in the information I  provided and ask them to load the ‘web ready files’, which are watermarked and acknowledge my work appropriately.

Colour or black and white? Candid or posed? 


For me…

I LOVE high contrast black and white and bright and punchy coloured images! I love it when clients tell me they love black and white too – my heart leaps with excitement!

Once you check out my work you will see and range of posed, yet casual imagery teamed with candid playful photos also.  For very small babies they can’t get around much (ha ha) so they need to be more posed and for toddlers – definitely – outdoor sessions where kids can play and have fun!

Ceremony Candid_Thwaites weddingImage: a touching candid image captured by Rebecca (Bibo Photography)

You’ve been given $100,000 to invest in your business. What kind of photography dreams would this grant make reality for you?

I think I would renovate one room in my house where clients could come for any meetings, to save me traveling to their homes. The gear that I use is awesome, so I wouldn’t change that. I would also hire an incredibly fun receptionist, who loves kids as much as I do, to help me take calls when I am out and about photographing families or weddings.

Best advice for parents out there taking photos of their little ones- how can they make their shots great?

For children who are sitting, standing, walking, running, jumping and playing – hold the photography session outdoors – the kids will be relaxed – and hopefully, you will be too! Choose the right time of day for your photography session for the youngest or most energetic child in the family e.g. early in the morning. Carefully consider your clothing options to suit the location and other outfits. Hire a photographer who photographs young children regularly – one who is prepared to be silly with them and has many tricks up their sleeve if someone doesn’t want to co-operate. Trust your professional photographer – they know what looks great in images.


Image: Rebecca’s family have their family portraits taken each year by a friend who is also a professional photographer

What’s your favourite family tradition?

Ha ha! Yearly photography sessions, that way you have a great record of your children growing up!

Who and or what inspires you in business?

Like minded Mums in business – they are a wealth of great information! Other wedding industry suppliers – we are all in this together 🙂

How do you unwind after a long shoot? After a hard week of work?

I unwind after a long shoot first by loading all of the images. Once I know they are all saved I can then relax by reading stories with my 3 y.o. daughter, playing ponies or teddy games. I like reconnecting with her and my husband after playing with other people’s kids. After a wedding, I like to just sit still for a while – my feet will no doubt be sore!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? In ten years’ time?

In five years’ time, I will still be working full-time with my photography work. I might move to the country, maybe Ballarat, and have a small studio within my home for my newborn sessions and meetings. I also hope to teach others about photography a bit more than I already do know.


Any parting words for my readers? Words of wisdom? Any special offers your business is promoting currently?

My clients can all quite easily obtain free photos as part of my Share the Love – referral program. This is simple to do, refer a friend, and you will both get a free photo. Write some comments on my blog post about your photography session and you receive a free photo!

Moments in time are fleeting, whether they be the first pigeon-toed steps of a one year old or the special event where you marry your soul mate. There is nothing better than photography that captures the emotions and feelings at the time. We all find it easy to pay money on bills, a car service, new clothes or a weekend away.  While these are good things to have organised and to treat yourself, they don’t bring you continual joy.   Every day I look at the two large photos on my wall of my daughter. Every day I smile as I pass these. I will keep adding to my collection, to capture more incredible moments in time.

As my slogan says:

We all grow old, but remembering the best moments of your life never does….

Thanks Bec for taking time out of your schedule to appear on Little Red’s Guest Book, I really appreciate your honesty and photographic wisdom!


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(All images displayed in this post were provided kindly by Rebecca Nicolandos from Bibo Photography)