100 Cures for Blogger’s Block- Part 3! Finale from Little Red Writing Solutions


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Lauren Jeffery

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Why You Are More Important Than What You Do


We all know that people are more important than things, in the selfless person’s world. People are of more value. It’s common sense. When I shop, if I don’t like the owner/salesperson, if they annoy me or if they are rude, I will not engage and will definitely not buy from them {in doing so, I’m not going to support their business}.

Therefore, I’m putting it to you that YOU are more important than what you do. You can be a neurosurgeon, a Registered Nurse, a writer, in sales achieving great profits for your company, a cleaner, a babysitter. You can be anything but nothing is more important than you when it comes down to selling in your business. People will remember you in a good or bad way. May as well give it your best shot and make it good.

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What is so important about you? Your character. Your honesty. Your work ethic. Your integrity. Your experience. Your challenges. Your goals. Your personality {your REAL personality, not your “I can clinch sales” personality}. Your values. Your morals. Any smart shopper, any genuinely interest shopper, will examine you from the moment they meet you. They will know if you’re a fake. They will know if you don’t believe in yourself.

The old saying goes “you only get to make a first impression once”. You are what is going to sell your business. Your product can be earth-shattering, life-changing and or ground-breaking, but if you are not being yourself, if you can’t show who you are and how much you believe in what you do, no one will care. Pretty simple.

If you’re in an industry where many are marketing similar products to yours, use your common sense: make yourself stand out. Make people see why you are doing what you do and give them no reason to buy elsewhere or work with other businesses.

You as a person above all else, are more important than any business deal you will clinch, any idea you will propose or any product that will change lives. Be the best you you can be. People notice when you’re in love with life and when you love your work.


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Happy Face Project- Music Makes Me Me.

Absolutely love the Oils. Grew up dancing to US Forces, Power & The Passion and live versions of Short Memory every Saturday {through my Dad’s Sennheiser’s} and during every outback trip we embarked upon.

You can’t possibly be Australian if you weren’t influenced by the Oils. Bogan-ish as it is {well, maybe just Peter’s weird dancing}, they’re forever a major part of Australian Music History and part of our Indigenous Culture.

Truganini Forever.