Little Red Goes Red for Heart Week


I lost my precious Mum to undetected heart failure on April 28th last year. In her honour, I am raising funds for the Australian Heart Foundation and would love to get supporters showing their hearts on May 6th this year (also happens to be my birthday!)

I’d love to see a sea of pictures of people wearing something red on the day, it would make my day. Post them to my Facebook page on May 6thImage

Heart disease remains the number one killer of Australians and is a significant part of my DNA.

I’d appreciate if you or your company could head to my Supporter Page and spare some change to raise awareness for Heart Disease. It would mean so much to me and my mum would be stoked.


You can find the link below.

Show your heart!

Happy Face Project- Music Makes Me Me.

Absolutely love the Oils. Grew up dancing to US Forces, Power & The Passion and live versions of Short Memory every Saturday {through my Dad’s Sennheiser’s} and during every outback trip we embarked upon.

You can’t possibly be Australian if you weren’t influenced by the Oils. Bogan-ish as it is {well, maybe just Peter’s weird dancing}, they’re forever a major part of Australian Music History and part of our Indigenous Culture.

Truganini Forever.

A {little} Reminder



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I know nothing about Australian Politics but I do know this….


My two reasons for EVERYTHING I do.

I’ve been on Maternity Leave since just before Christmas last year. It has been the most amazing, eye-opening experience. And that’s just the being a stay-at-home-mum part. I gave birth in February to my beautiful daughter and have been the primary carer for my two piplings ever since {my son is 5 next month}. While my husband works full time, I care for the kids, do kinder and childcare runs and all the “mundane” mum tasks. I, however, am relishing the experience because I never got this stay-at-home experience with my first child. It’s been too perfect for words to just be focusing on my new baby and making sure my son feels like he is {more than ever} my world.

Such a brilliant part of my leave, and one that has put my mind at ease and reduced stress levels is the fact that I was fortunate enough to be able to receive employer-funded maternity leave, as well as paid parental leave via the Government. It has meant that as well as taking up my new role as Mum of Two, I have also been able to still contribute in the same way financially to our household, which means a lot for my confidence, my identity and for my goals in life. I am woman, hear me roar!!!!

Thanks to the Government, my husband was lucky enough to receive the two weeks paid paternity leave to spend with us at home. It was time where he bonded with his new girl, spent time just being with his son {when he otherwise would’ve been hard at work} and giving me the much needed support in those early days with a newborn.

The hunt for our new PM will come to a head shortly and for Mums and parents everywhere, the Paid Parental Leave and Maternity Leave Schemes could be a deciding factor in where many votes lie on September 7th.

What has this paid leave meant to me? Everything. Most importantly, I have felt I have been able to combine my role as primary carer for my children with secondary income earner. Many families, for example those in a single income situation or for single mothers, may not have this opportunity. This precious time getting to know and bond with my new daughter has been a time I will remember for the rest of my days. And even with the 18 week scheme currently offered by our Government {it will grow to 26 weeks, if Abbott gets in}, I felt extremely lucky.

I can’t imagine that many couples who are considering starting a family or adding to their brood would look past Tony Abbott’s 26 Week Paid Parental Leave Scheme. You can read more about his plans for this scheme here. Some may not like him as Leader of our great country, but to me, family is my priority and if this scheme was to come into action, it would get my vote. Simple.

I put my family first and believe that it is such a fantastic opportunity for women to receive paid leave whilst caring for their young children. As well as providing much needed income at the time, the benefits include: having more time to secure a child care place/sort out childcare programs for when and if your child needs to enter care, women are less stressed upon re-entry into the workforce, women are more inclined to return to the same type of work they took leave from in the first place ({great for employers who want experienced employees} and apparently is much better for women financially when it comes to superannuation, retirement planning and time out of the workforce over the course of their careers.

According to Mr Abbott and his Gang,

“Of the more than 30 countries in the OECD offering a paid parental leave scheme, Australia is one of only two nations that fail to pay parental leave based on a replacement wage”

(Liberal Party, July 2013)

And under this scheme, a mother’s wage will be fully replaced, superannuation and all. Sounds good to me! Let’s hope the promises are delivered upon for all those hopeful parents with their fingers and toes crossed. It’s hard enough to create a baby for most couples, it’s seriously hard work to grow a baby then give birth. So then the ACTUAL hard yacka of raising and nurturing the child with full payment is something I would smile upon.

For me, it has meant stress-free time. I can have those nights where I get no sleep and we have the chance to catch up the next day, at home, where we are comfortable and all I need to do is catch the kids up on sleep, rather than leave them to go off to work in that foggy sleep-deprived state. All you parents out there know that fog, it take so long to lift after a new baby has arrived! It has given me the greatest opportunity to form a strong bond with my daughter. I feel I know her more than I knew my son when he was the same age because she hasn’t really had to leave my side yet.

I know nothing about Australian Politics but I know that this is something I’d seriously consider in my voting plan on September 7th. Anything that help parents gets a stamp of approval in my book.


My precious bookworm

How do you feel about Paid Parental Leave and Maternity Leave? What do you think could be improved? How would these schemes change your life?


{A} Little Red Bucket List- there can be more than one list right?


So as I’m now considered “middle-aged” {at 31?}, I thought I’d start my own Bucket List. I love lists, they rock my world and make it go round. Without them, I’d be lost. Sometimes every “to-do” gets crossed off with a grin soaked in achievement, mostly, I just start a new list!

 Getting a tad adventurous, but thinking that all of this is totally achievable.

take my children to my favourite places in Australia: Blinman, Chambers Gorge, Sydney {TICK!}, Ayers Rock, Perth, Port Douglas, Broome, Darwin, Cape York Peninsula and Margaret River


(Image courtesy of


(Image courtesy of

learn another language and speak it fluently whilst holidaying in that country (I pick…….French!)


(Image courtesy of

finish renovating our house {to my satisfaction} and at four long months and counting to paint a small room {over many stretched out weekends, I might add}, this will be no mean feat!

Painting our new room. If only it was the fun, creative kind.....

Painting our new room. If only it was the fun, creative kind…..

IMG_2138 IMG_2139

publish a children’s book or series of books {if I get keen} and have my kids provide the illustrations- topic/s yet to be decided. Ideas?

Master Nearly-5's morning masterpiece- Pirate Island Hotel, complete with treasure map, his grandmother (who is now an Angel) and his baby sister, who fights pirates.

Master Nearly-5’s morning masterpiece- Pirate Island Hotel, complete with treasure map, his grandmother (who is now an Angel) and his baby sister, who fights pirates from her crib.

attend the World Pipe Band Championships one year {well, I lie. I’d like to do this every year!}

Very inspired after watching the Grade 1 Heats live from Glasgow Green {little known fact about Little Red- I play{ed} the bagpipes}

You can tune in here:

{Remember the time differences people!}

collect every Disney DVD known to cartoon and human kind {for my kids. No, I lie again. For me}

yes, I have some of these.  BUT I want ALL of them. *Hint Hint Santa!*

yes, I have some of these. BUT I want ALL of them. *Hint Hint Santa!*

live long enough to see my grandchildren {yes, I want lots of these cute goblins} get married

of course they will take after me!

of course they will take after me!

complete a photography course

an {old} shot of the hills in  the Toolangi State Forest

an {old} shot of the hills in the Toolangi State Forest

raise my children to be happy, healthy and helpful human beings

we'll keep climbing hills, and hopefully some mountains too.

we’ll keep climbing hills, and hopefully some mountains too.

  • start an online supportive community for young mothers who have lost both their parents {in my world, which a lot of the time, just includes me, this group is in high demand unfortunately!}
the most beautiful, kind soul you could have ever hoped to have known. My precious Mum and I shortly afetr I was born. I miss her more than words could describe.

the most beautiful, kind soul you could have ever hoped to have known. My precious Mum and I shortly after I was born. I miss her more than any words could describe.

What’s on your bucket list? When did you realise a bucket list could help kick-start your dreams into reality? Getting everything down on paper can make what you want clear and gives you direction. We all get a rush from that feeling of achieving a goal or having a wish come true. It spurs us on to achieve more and more, reaching higher every time.

i want to be this person.

i want to be this person.