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Giving Your Word Some Nerd

Give Your Word Some Nerd- The Importance of Quality Content in Business


Content is just a mash of business buzz words right? No. Not just. Your business content is the words you use to convey messages, inform, educate and communicate in your business, whether this is with other business owners or with actual/potential clients. Content marketing is just advertising right? No. There are so many ways to convey business messages through text and images. Anything text you create and attach to your brand reflects on you and how you operate in business.

Content comes in all forms in business

Content comes in all forms in business


The good, the bad and the ugly in content is easily definable. Good content inspires. It appeals to readers to read more, think and act. Gary Bencivenga (copywrite extraordinaire) once said “effective content is salesmanship in print”. Bad content is what makes you look like just a salesperson. And with all the effort you put into your products and service, that’s not who you are.

With all the interesting information on the Internet, no one is going to want to read an article that just lists all the benefits of your products or business (http://smallbiztrends.com/2013/12/create-engaging-content.html)

 So once you drop the sales act, stick to pure and simple. Clever content can often backfire and your messages will definitely be lost on your clients. Either that or they will look elsewhere for a business which has got hot-to-trot content.

Clear, concise content is the key. You will appeal to a wider audience if your voice reflects the needs of a more diverse group of clients. Many business gurus speak of the “feature versus benefit” debate on how to brag about your business. Personally, I prefer to speak of the features of a business so potential clients understand what you are about, rather than rampaging into the benefits of engaging with your business and missing the core messages you want people to remember. Benefit-speak can lead you into sales pitches. Remember to avoid those yeah?

Making your words work hard for your business- that's what TOP CONTENT is

Making your words work hard for your business- that’s what TOP CONTENT is

Engagement, especially in terms of social media management, is the way to grow your brand (a type of product or service delivered by a particular company under a specific name) and having more people interested in your business. Clients will respect the time you take to get your business content right. Make sure the voice you use is honest and respectful. Personal stories also help in conveying your business brand to the public. And always remember that a desire for a product or service can’t be fabricated.

Quality content will educate your clients and provide insight to potential clients. This can increase lead generation as clients will recognise the value in knowing you and seeing your can’t-live-without business unfold before their eyes.

A determining factor in deciding whether to use a copywriter these days in business is time. Do you have enough time to get your content right? What is “right” for you and more importantly, for your client base? Do you make time or are you unmotivated and don’t see it as a priority? It really needs to be a priority. Simple content errors can turn literally hundreds of potential leads away if they are paying attention to you.

Errors errors everywhere- gulp

Errors errors everywhere- gulp

Copywriters are more than a “hired pen”. We get stuff done because it is our job to do so. Our motivation and inspiration to write is the heart of our business so if you lack any one of these, saving you time is a big BIG deal. Time is something you don’t ever get back so why not use it to work in your business, rather than on it?

So to end, here is the Little Red Mini Checklist for creating SUPERSTAR content (or the beginnings of):

  1. Research to cure your writer’s block (self-directed learning is compulsory if you want to succeed in small business);
  2. Edit and proof read (many times, and then ask someone else to critique your bulkier writings);
  3. Describe well, create pictures in the minds of your readers, don’t be too wordy and stay focused (clients should be able to feel why they can’t go on without learning more about your product or service);
  4. Show your personality (remember, honesty is the best policy in everything you do and your personality in business is what makes it unique); and
  5. Write for your target audience and speak their language-  don’t waffle or baffle!

Can you add to this check list?

Little Red- Creating, Thinking, Writing, Living

Little Red- Creating, Thinking, Writing, Living






Captivating your Consumers with Clever Content- a Little Red How-To

Business Content Explained

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Copy Writer

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Do you know what copy writing is at this point in the development of your small business? You may not have ever heard of the copy writing industry, or ever thought you needed to hire a copy writer. You might not be at a point where you can afford one. But if I can give you one piece of advice before I tell you why your business could use a resource like my business, it would be this: you need to understand the value the addition of a good copy writer to your team can add to your business overall.

Now to the real reason why I jumped on my blog at midnight- to remind you why you should contact me to make over your business writing.

You don’t have time to write. Or should I say, your consumers are keeping you so busy, you haven’t made your business writing as much as a priority as it should be. It’s often hard to commit to something like this as often as it should happen when you need to be responding to your consumers, researching your next business development or just spending that extra hour with the kids before they go to bed. Or just plain working.

Why is getting text right so imperative? Because your website and Facebook pages look amazing and a spelling or grammar mistake will turn prospective clients away in an instant. It’s fair to say anyone can write. Copy writers, however, communicate. They turn your business messages and business goals into words that make consumers want to act and to respond to your business. For small business owners who are aware of SEO (search engine optimisation), copy writers use SEO techniques without being obvious. It all adds to more traffic to your business, which can mean more profit for you.

I am continually researching. Trading my old skills for new ones, always looking for new ways to make your business flourish. I want to make people notice your hard work and I have no qualms in telling you how amazing your business is. Why? If you were walking around telling yourself how amazing your business was, you’d feel like you were blowing your own trumpet and you’d water your messages down because you feel awkward about self-promotion. You don’t need to do that when you use a copy writer.

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(Image courtesy of masstransmit.com)

My fresh eyes haven’t spent day after day reading your business slogans, brochures and website text. I can assist in increasing your business productivity so you don’t need to ask other employees to stop what they are doing to write a mail out or stay at the office late into the night to finish writing the technical manual for use with new starters. Use me so you can concentrate on what you do best. This is especially important for small business owners who operate their business single-handedly.

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The value of outsourcing in this instance cannot be underestimated. With experience from a collection of industries, I’m an offsite resource who can play a role in the marketing and advertising of your product or service. And an inexpensive resource at that, in comparison to the value added to your business once our partnership is underway. And once the job is done to your satisfaction, you don’t need to keep me “occupied” with tasks, it’s a worry free relationship!


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My passion remains with words and sentences and from this, I am dedicated to finding the perfect words that represent your business. I want your messages to be clear and I want your business front to prospective consumers appear professional and solid. Using a professional tone, I like to reiterate your business messages in all forms of social and print media. I work with you in creating ideas, then I make them magnetic.

Do you have concerns with consumer engagement? All your business content and promotional material may be there in print and online, but you need a resource who can write to persuade, entice, inform and convert feelings and ideas into action. It’s in this way that a service like Little Red is value for money and you’ll know the price of my services in advance.

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My service is honest and my goal is to understand your business goals and messages quickly so I can save you time and money. I offer obligation free quotes and am flexible- you can use my service as a one-off or year round. Our relationship is totally up to you.

Can you see how we can work together? More to the point, can you see any reason why we can’t work together? I’m the sole operator of Little Red, there are resources I will be searching for too. It could be a match made in heaven.

Head to Facebook to check out my page, or contact me via email littleredwriting@outlook.com. You can also follow me on Twitter

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