writing, thinking, creating, LIVING.

This blog is an online representation of my inner neurological workings. Reflections, the generation of discussion, the creation of stories, business writing handy hints and shows of supports for my favourite writers, critique of support products for small businesses and support for small business owners themselves, are some of the things you will find in some format here. Flip through the virtual pages. Read along with a cup of tea and you will see that nothing is ever as hard as you first believe it to be. All your goals are attainable and within reach with the right assistance and support. My vision is to be read, for my words to be understood and for my writing to have meaning in business and meaning in life.


  1. That idea about having your words understood? I think that’s too rare. Many writers are content to make sense to themselves (I fit that mold sometimes). That’s an excellent start but not always the best end point.


    • I often just write for myself, and my intention {if I have one} is to just say what I need to say. When writing with a purpose, I feel satisfied when I come to find that someone “gets” what I’ve said and uses what I’ve said to help themselves or others, rather than I’ve just gotten something off my chest. If that makes sense.


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