5 reasons why a break in business is a MUST

We all work so hard to get our small business ideas blossoming that once we are immersed in meetings, working to deadlines, writing, replying, consulting, behind-the-scenes research, and all things “paid employment” and family, that we don’t ever believe NOW is the right time to take a break from our business.

I did though. I stepped away and just did other things. Most importantly, engaged with my kids in a way I hadn’t been able to before, performed well (better than I expected) on my university assessments and taught myself how to enjoy every day just that little bit more.

We all want to do well in business, most of us are striving to step away from being an employee of someone else and into the shoes of Boss-Lady Extraordinaire and sometimes along the way, we need to take a breather and relax. Away from schedules, to-do lists, clients, computers and technology in general.

In the spirit of soaking up sunshine on a day where my business was the furthest thought from my awareness, there are the five reasons why I believe NOW is the time to plan a break in business.

1. Christmas is fast approaching and that might be the busiest time of year for you. It might be impossible to slip away unnoticed for a few days so why not plan for a September or October get away?

2. You’ve passed the half way point of the year, which means end-of-financial year dealings should basically be tied up (unless you’re naughty and leave your tax projects until the last possible minute). Celebrate that milestone and take a weekend away. By yourself!

3. The day-to-day routine of most small business owners can often get a little stale. Even if we are working in our dream roles, we still might not have reached that ultimate state of business-related fulfilment. Make your working week that tad bit shorter for a few weeks by taking a day out of every week to pamper yourself and do something you really enjoy. Make sure it’s relaxing and mind-numbing!

4. Taking a holiday, “they” (who is they?!) say is a good (in reverse) as a change. Who knows, taking time out from business could recharge those batteries and fill your mind with a dozen fresh new ideas which could ultimately take your business to another level, one where you never thought you could be so soon.

5. Take time to sit back and reassess your business plan, business goals and your business SELF. Is this adventure still right for you? Are you still at the top of your game?

Enjoy each day!

Little Red

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