10 Questions You MUST Answer as a Small Business Owner- Don’t Leave It Too Late

I’ve been contemplating how to move my small business forward in the last few days. Not just daydreaming about it, but putting pen to paper and working hard on a plan of action. I had to ask myself how I was going to move forward and what I needed to do it. I’m sure many of you are accomplished in your field, the highest of pedigree in your industry, but for little old me, I’ve started small and want to grow as much as I can and hopefully help other business owners along the way.

I started writing because I could. I love writing as much as I love being alive. It gives me a confidence and a sense of purpose that, other than my children, nothing else has.

So if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, you’re looking to grow but you’re not sure where to start planning, these are the 10 questions I really believe you need to answer before you can start to kick ass on a grander scale.


  1. Why should people use my service- how am I providing the best solutions around town?
  2. What problems do I need to solve in working with others?
  3. What solution do I have for the business problems of others?
  4. What do I want from my business?
  5. What do I want to give to others and “who” are those people?
  6. What are my long term priorities and goals?
  7. What are the best ways to project my messages and my service?
  8. What resources do I need to reach my short and long term goals? What are these goals? BE SPECIFIC
  9. Do I need to outsource- to whom, why, how and what?
  10. How and what do I need to develop my personal brand? Don’t get in way over your head here, know WHAT A BRAND IS!



Tomorrow on the blog, I’ll go into detail about these 10 questions and how I’ve used them to shape my business development strategy.

What else should we as small business owners be honing in on? How do we get better at knowing who we are and what we do?


Lauren Jeffery

Little Red Writing Solutions

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