Snippet of Tips- How To Brag About Products VS Services



Products are harder to sell. You need to sell your products first, THEN you need to sell yourself. If your products are unique and handmade, you have a target group willing and more than able to purchase from you, you are set.

If your products are manufactured outside of your capable hands, you need to appropriately represent the manufacturer without selling yourself short at the same time.

Your marketing content should represent your business and to put it simply, should sell YOUR PRODUCTS or sell the reason why clients should by someone else’s products FROM YOU ONLY.


If your business is B2B, you’re selling your service/s to other savvy business owners. Be on the ball and get your bragging rights into gear. Think about why you are better at what you do than others in your industry. Think about how your experience and problem-solving expertise fills a widening gap in your market and how your quick-thinking, initiative, flexibility and availability makes you the EASIEST person to work with. Produce a stunning portfolio, show your personality and use your education and skills to tell both professional and personal stories about how you work together with business owners to SOLVE PROBLEMS. 


Stay tuned for the “How To Brag About Products VS Services” piece in its entirety. Won’t be long now!



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