RIP Charlotte Dawson


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TV Presenter and former model Charlotte Dawson passed away yesterday. Presumably through taking her own life.

She made it clear to the public after a public Twitter battle with no-brainer “trolls” that she was fighting mental illness and had been for a very long time.

With this, I want to raise awareness of a number of things. 

It is not okay to bully through any medium, through a thrid party or in person.

Having a mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.

View mental illness as a chronic disease and you’ll have a more solid understanding of what life is like when you are struggling with panic, anxiety, depression or many more mental health conditions.

Asking for help is sometimes not as easy as people make out.

My Father once said on the sensitive subject of suicide “Until you feel so low, you cannot judge another for attempting suicide or even succeeding. You are not thinking of others, you just can’t see a way through your pain”.

This will stick with me forever.

Do not judge others, it’s never okay.

RIP Miss Dawson


If you are able to ask for help, for yourself or for someone you care about, head to

Beyond Blue

or call 13 11 14 (Australian Residents)

to speak to someone at




  1. This is so sad. There are a lot of celebrities who suffer from mental illnesses like depression. It’s very sad and unfortunate there are people who are mean enough to drive someone to the point where they kill themselves because they can not talk to someone about the bullying.


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