My Biggest Start-Up Mistake

If there’s one thing I wish I was told before I announced my small business dream to the world, it would’ve been “take your time”.

I in no way rushed into my business planning and development, in fact I spent countless days and weeks wondering how, what, when, where and most importantly why I needed to follow this dream.

But still, in the first few weeks, I got caught up in taking so much advice on board, that I basically stopped listening to my instincts.

These few words sum up the “struggle” I faced in my first few weeks. I forgot I needed a decent amount of sleep. As soon as my kids went to bed, I went hammer and tong into research, business development, networking and didn’t get much actual writing done. And writing is what I do. I forgot that.

My health began to suffer {thanks to the lack of sufficiently deep sleep} and all I could think of when I was at my paid job was “what should I be researching now” or “who should I contact next” or “which seminar would be more beneficial to attend”.

I was trying to do too much at once. It’s always been one of my downfalls and it was my biggest start-up mistake. My writing process was messy and needed refining. There was too many ideas to put into practice, floating around in my head. My head was like a blender grinding with the lid off.


Slowly, my belief in my abilities as a writer and as a fledgling businesswoman grew. I’ll always be developing my service and my skills to enhance my business and my relationships but taking a breather, taking a step back and slowing down really, REALLY helped.

I complete one task before I start another. I take time out. Stress is kept to a minimum. It feels good because I’ve really learned a lot from my clients, prospective clients and colleagues, my family and my friends. Most importantly, I’ve come to expect only my best from myself, nothing more. That’s all anyone can give.

If I could give new business owners one piece of advice, it would be take your time and ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER.




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