Shout Out- Koolaman Designs- Stunning Silver

After waiting only a couple of days, my “mia” pendant arrived. Simply boxed up, perfect stamping around the circumference, life complete!

I had been searching for a fine jewelry business who specialises in stamping and personalized pendants to produce something unique for me, since my Miss 1yr disapproved of my previous pendant (her name was not on it, she wasn’t conceived when it arrived!) and defiantly ripped it from around my neck.

With Miss 1yr’s birth, my family was complete and I was back in the hunt for a piece I could wear on a daily basis. I had basic criteria: it could fit all my family members names, it was sterling silver and was on a fine ball chain.

So here it is, my “mia”. Wearing it proudly every day now and think if you’re looking for a special piece for yourself or as a gift for someone special, look no further than Koolaman Designs




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