Happy Face Project Part 3- Why Crawling On The Floor Will Make Me A Better Mum

Drove to university to complete paperwork. Prammed Miss 1 yr all around the campus for no particular reason. Went for a brief window shop at the local mall. Miss 1 yr getting a wee bit rowdy. Mini gluten free blueberry muffins save her day.

Drove on highway all the way home. Well, to another mall to pick up my lifesavers. Lifesavers= new reading glasses. Old reading glasses? Covered in white-out by Miss 1yr.

Zoomed home so Miss 1yr can nap. I also want to crash. Realize I haven’t had a meal today. Or a snack. 2pm. Bad example to my kids. Guilt and reason still doesn’t spur me on to eat.

Miss 1 yr wakes from a peaceful 15minute (far too brief) slumber. I plonk her on the floor, feed her more lunch (which I must admit, started to look mighty tasty to my ravaged stomach) then let her “read” a book. “Read” to a 1yr old= rip pages out of a newspaper.

Miss 1yr begins her slow crawl to the dining room. At random, I follow her. On my hands and knees. Painful. She notices me. I speed up and let out a monster growl. She cackles hysterically. She speeds up towards the window. I speed up. She’s laughing so much that she’s crying. I start crying. She stops. I sit up. She moves to a sitting position. And then says “Mummm Ma” and grasps my hand. Her hand is a third of mine in size. Match sticks compared to branches. Looking into my eyes, she’s just confirmed that we’ll be best friends forever. Holding her tight, I kiss her Cabbage Patch Kid cheeks and reposition her for a crawling race. She wins. Don’t ever tell her I let her win or she’ll be heartbroken for sure.

Moments like this take me to the calmest, most love-filled place I could ever imagine. The world stops and I’m reminded the only thing that matters is my family and friends. Bottom line. And that I need to get on my hands and knees to see the world more often, a different perspective can change everything.

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