Happy Face Project Part 2



I realized today just how much I admire the people I work with. Intelligent, compassionate, witty, thoughtful, cautious, supportive.

I won’t tell you where I work. But it is one amazing place.


For most people, work isn’t their “happy place”. I miss my kids and husband when I’m there, but I’m so happy that the unit I work for does such special work. It’s good to be a part of such a hard-working team.


On a personal note, I chose, when planning my goals and resolutions for the year, to not take things so personally. I could count five separate times just today where I would have usually ended up upset inside. But I’m totally fine and content. Today has been great. Being strong was my goal for the day and I was. I’m really proud. Water off a duck’s back, water under the bridge.

That’s today’s #happyface.

It’s the small steps that really matter.



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