Lauren’s Happy Face Project Part 1

Setting myself up to achieve greater happiness and wellbeing- so much more to look forward to in life when you feel positive about your future!

This week, I started taking baby steps towards getting my happy mojo back. I was kicking butt and doing good things for myself and others.

The first good deed I did for myself was to go and get my nails done. Not a big deal to some, but when you have two little ones, study to do, deadlines for your small business to reach and a paid part-time position as well, time is precious and alone-time comes but once a millenium.

It felt really good. I switched my brain off for 30 minutes at least. I didn’t tune in to the buzz of married women and teenage chicks around me. And my nails look damn cute, if I say so myself.

Then onto something that started off as something I wanted to do for myself, but turned into something I could help someone else with. Again, it’s a very small thing but it became a really positive interaction between myself and a perfectly friendly stranger.

I took my beloved vehicle to get a much-need laser clean. Bargain at $12. Swiped my card, no luck. Flipped the card and tried to swipe again. Still no joy. Kept frantically swiping whilst being careful that no one was watching me, the crazy woman, looking like I was having a seizure getting my card to swipe. All I wanted was to get my car washed. Then I did something I never normally do. I called the Help Line. Some random, deep voiced Ocker Bloke answered and I politely informed him that his card machine for this car wash was in deep doo-doo. He thanked me and the phone call ended.

Four hours later, I received a phone call back from Ocker Aussie who informed me that I was entitled to a free upgraded wash, vacuum and air freshener (Blackberry Clove, get on it people) as his machine hadn’t been working for a number of days and he wouldn’t have known this if I didn’t call. 

So #1- I made a polite phone call, despite my frustration at having so little time to get my car washed and going home with my car still looking like it’d run through a weekend bush bash (usually I’d not call and go home feeling angry)

#2- I helped someone else. It was a small gesture and not life-saving, but it helped his business and he was back there at the Car Wash to give my car a polish and a sparkle for free that afternoon and he was lovely. Really lovely.

Win-win all around. And it made me feel really good. Someone cared about what I was saying and responded in such a nice way to something that should’ve been so trivial to me.

TICK- I WAS more patient and I DID NOT lose my cool!

TICK- I did something nice for myself and for someone else.

God it felt good.

This weekend has been all about keeping my cool in the face of some nastiness in my life. Tactless people who don’t care about me will no longer be able to rent so much free space in my head. I’m done with these people and I’m moving on. End of story and my story happily continues on!


Loving life, killing it in the face of challenges, hardship and tough times. 


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