My Pursuit of Happiness- Lauren’s Happy Face Project

2013 was a difficult, yet amazing year. I learned a lot about who I am, who I thought I was and who I’d like to be.

2014 promises to be a very very VERY busy year and I can’t wait to get stuck into all my new challenges. And at the same time, I don’t want to be caught up in drama and waste time anymore.

One challenge I’ve put out there is for me to get happy. Happier. And stay that way, even in the face of tricky situations. Enter “Lauren’s Happy Face Project”.

So I’ve overhauled my thinking and have narrowed my “planning” into the following areas to improve upon. And when I say “improve”, I mean feel better about.

  1. Family & Friends (I have a “Family Bucket List”- will be posted on my blog soon-ish)
  2. Health (all areas) (I’ve taken on the LBW/Healthy Mummy lifetsyle and am loving it so far- pics up soon)
  3. Finances
  4. A Better Me
  5. Work
  6. Study

I have whittled my first batch of resolutions & goals down to the following:

  1. be more patient and tolerant
  2. do not lose my cool
  3. take one day at a time
  4. actually save my change
  5. write each day WITHOUT EXCEPTION (writing a sentence will count in this instance)
  6. be less critical and judgmental (everyone can work on that)
  7. remember that silence is golden
  8. sleep when I need to
  9. do only ONE thing at a time
  10. be conscious of everything around me (stop staring into space so much)

I intend to do at least one good “deed” (I hate that word, makes your actions sound so snobby and contrived!) per day and will do one good thing for myself each week. My kids will remain spoiled, as per usual (at a healthy level, spoiled with love of course). What good is being happy if you can’t make another person smile?

I’ll be posting every Wednesday evening (Melbourne time, some time!) about how my Happy Face Project is travelling, speed bumps and all.

Follow along, c’mon get hap-pee.

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