Little Red’s Top 10 Recipes for Busy Mums and {Busier} Munchkins

I’ll be revisiting some of these recipes this week. YUM.

I sit here thinking about the daunting task of grocery shopping for Master Nearly-5 {yes, I have two children but Miss 6-Months is too too tiny for food just yet} and I for the week {Husband will be busy working, as usual}. I ask myself “how can I make my cooking really REALLY easy and yummy this week?” Will I survive the supermarket with {Octopus in a Pram} Miss 6-Months and {King of requesting toys each shopping trip} Master Nearly-5? Without breaking the loose {slightly tight} budget?

Master Nearly-5 has a poor appetite at the moment, not sure why, and it takes all of my energy to get him within five miles of finishing a meal. So with a lot of work and functions on this week, simple and quick is my focus.

I thought if I could give even just one other person a new recipe to try for…

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