Watching Your Small Business Blossom- 14 Fundamental Concepts

Revisiting what is important to me. This may help you too.


Staring at my laptop screen, I was carefully planning how I would tackle starting a small business from the ground up. Having great business-minded friends and family who own successful businesses, I was in the best place possible to being thinking about doing this for myself. The issues were deciding what I wanted to do, the reasons I wanted to do it and what I hope to achieve from the venture. I needed to brainstorm. It took me three days of drawing word maps and jotting down notes before I decided that I was ready to commit.

I came up with 14 individual parts of creating a small business that myself, as well as other new small business developers, should ponder. Each part is a separate concept but is linked in every possible way to the others.

A dream

How will this small business make your future brighter? Will you…

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