2014 Decluttered

March 1st 2014 is my Declutter Deadline.

My Declutter checklist surmounts to:

– I want to WANT to stay at home and feel relaxed and happy doing so

– I want to spend more time blogging, on Project Life and my photography and of course, more time with my precious children

– I want an area of my (too small) house dedicated to me (so I can write in peace without a blonde goblin attached)

– I need to organise my bedroom first

– I always get sidetracked when decluttering

– I want to be clutter free by March 1st 2014

– The most disorganized cupboard in my house is a tie between my end of the wardrobe and my plastics cupboard

– Something that I don’t need anymore but I’m having trouble parting with is my ginormous book case

A New Year doesn’t mean new beginnings.  Every minute can be a new beginning.

Before I get back to work, I’m getting decluttered.

Follow the 52 week Declutter Challenge on Instagram and upload your declutter-ationary pics!



  1. Ah, yes. This is always the first and the most crucial of the steps. Always. De-cluttering. I have achieved it somewhat. Yet things remain cluttered in my surrounding.

    Glad to have discovered your blog.

    I myself just started with the journey of Minimalism recently.

    Your posts have been a great help!

    Keep going, cheers!

    Do leave a feedback


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