Preparing for 2014- My {Trimmed} Wish List

How will you start the New Year with fresh eyes, organized and in the highest of business spirits?

2014’s motto is “Routine and Clean” for me. I’ll be sorting our {small but homely} house from ceiling to floor. I’ll be making myself a small home office in the corner of my new bedroom, where I can write until the cows come home.

I’m going to keep my filing in check from the beginning! {have learned the hard way in 2013}.

I’m going to stick to my monthly schedules.

I’m going to read daily.

I’m not going to buy any more stationary supplies from the Boxing Day Sales! {I love stationary as much as I do hot dinners, in fact I’d go without dinner for something from Kikki K}

My newsletter will be out fortnightly. It’s been tricky getting it up and running with sickly kids in the house on top of client work, but it WILL happen in January!

I want to blog more, I’ve really missed it. Doing a lot of client work means less time to write just for me. So I’m pledging to myself to get back into my blogging groove. It’s where I belong {hearts}

Other than tonnes of happiness and health for my family {and a great year, one without heartache; this year was a year of extreme happiness through the birth of my daughter and then extreme sadness, with the death of my Mother}, to have my head screwed on correctly and to make good choices is all I ask for.


What are you asking of 2014?

Lauren @LittleRed

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