Good morning, would you like a new app to go with that small business?



Here is my list of new apps to try, if you haven’t already. {Hopefully} you find more than one handy helper in here that will allow you to work more effectively.


  1. Co Tweet {for those larger businesses}
  2. Tweepie
  3. Sendible
  4. Timely
  5. Klout Web Service
  6. Check It!
  7. Dragon Dictation
  8. HomeBase
  9. PingFM
  10. Abukai
  11. AirSharing
  12. Adobe Reader
  13. FormMobi
  14. Bump
  15. Spout
  16. Vignature
  17. SignEasy
  18. Triberr
  19. FreshBooks
  20. KoolSpan TrustCall
  21. CardMunch Business Card Reader
  22. Highlight
  23. EasyNote & To Do
  24. Kindle
  25. MeetUp
  26. Odometer
  27. UberSocial
  28. WifiFinder
  29. Air Sharing
  30. Mozy
  31. ZenDesk
  32. Shopify
  33. DocuSign Ink
  34. Pinpointe
  35. FlipBoard
  36. DocsToGo
  37. (e)xcel Contacts Lite
  38. Apple Analytics App
  39. DropBox
  40. HomeBase
  41. Peak Meetings
  42. Simple Note


Which ones of these have you tried? Which would come with your highest {or lowest} recommendations?

There are KAZILLIONS of apps on the move out there for Apple, Android and Windows. Please help me extend my list!

Anything that helps a small business owner save time and increase efficiency is handy in my book.

Lauren @LittleRed

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