I Can’t Live Without My….

There are some things in life, and I’m not necessarily talking luxuries here, that people can’t live without. There are obsessions and addictions, where people believe they couldn’t possibly breathe another breath without the object/person etc in question.

My list encompasses much less daunting things. Some people may not care for my favourites. If you do, we have something in common. If you don’t, you are probably in the 99% of the world’s population.

I love, and can’t live without, these things and people:

  1. I have to say my family first- they paid me a lot of money to do so
  2. music and my Sennheiser mega headphones
  3. Schweppes Creamy Soda
  4. {Quality} Stand-Up
  5. the chance to go shopping for adult things- and no, I don’t mean what you are thinking. I’m a lady. I mean items that are not of the Fisher Price, Barbie, Trash Pack, Hot Wheels or Lego varieties
  6. my senses- hey, everyone needs this, but I think I’m one of those tactile, sensitive human beings who really focuses on sights, scents and touch for memory purposes. it’s awesome to say the least.
  7. my memory- apart from allowing me to hold down my {hectic} job, I need this to relive my childhood, teenage years and the years I’ve lost to Pregnancy and Baby Brain
  8. my phone- I love talking. And taking semi-artistic pictures. And playing games on my phone help me nod off to sleep!
  9. my friends- who else keeps me from going bonkers?
  10. my writing- for all those times when people have had enough of me talk!

What can’t you live without? Have you tried going without these things?



(Image courtesy of http://www.sweetcasualstyle.com)

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