Good morning, would you like a new app to go with that small business?



Here is my list of new apps to try, if you haven’t already. {Hopefully} you find more than one handy helper in here that will allow you to work more effectively.


  1. Co Tweet {for those larger businesses}
  2. Tweepie
  3. Sendible
  4. Timely
  5. Klout Web Service
  6. Check It!
  7. Dragon Dictation
  8. HomeBase
  9. PingFM
  10. Abukai
  11. AirSharing
  12. Adobe Reader
  13. FormMobi
  14. Bump
  15. Spout
  16. Vignature
  17. SignEasy
  18. Triberr
  19. FreshBooks
  20. KoolSpan TrustCall
  21. CardMunch Business Card Reader
  22. Highlight
  23. EasyNote & To Do
  24. Kindle
  25. MeetUp
  26. Odometer
  27. UberSocial
  28. WifiFinder
  29. Air Sharing
  30. Mozy
  31. ZenDesk
  32. Shopify
  33. DocuSign Ink
  34. Pinpointe
  35. FlipBoard
  36. DocsToGo
  37. (e)xcel Contacts Lite
  38. Apple Analytics App
  39. DropBox
  40. HomeBase
  41. Peak Meetings
  42. Simple Note


Which ones of these have you tried? Which would come with your highest {or lowest} recommendations?

There are KAZILLIONS of apps on the move out there for Apple, Android and Windows. Please help me extend my list!

Anything that helps a small business owner save time and increase efficiency is handy in my book.

Lauren @LittleRed

10 Facts About Me {Lauren from Little Red Writing Solutions} that you surely didn’t know.

  1. I’m addicted to Coke Zero {but drink in moderation}- feels like it’s the only thing that cures my thirst!
  2. I keep a journal and have recently started to publish it online- no secrets when it comes to me.
  3. I am totally into anything 80’s right now. Roller skates, the Labyrinth {Bowie, Dance Magic and Hoggle!}, neon brights, Cabbage Patch Kids {for my tiny princess, not me!} to name a few
  4. I’m seriously contemplating becoming vegetarian
  5. I’m creating my own website for Little Red. Yes, I’m not employing anyone else, it’s all up to me! {to be launched soon!}
  6. I am sceptical {and quite nervous} about seeing a Medium but I’m going to try it out {how do I know if they are good or not? Is good even the right word to use there?}
  7. I sing really loudly when I’m by myself- I pretend I’m professional. And it feels good!
  8. I love colouring in- ahhhhhh, stress relief.
  9. My short term personal writing goal is to publish a book for my children- illustrations and all.
  10. I’m allergic to mosquito bites- very allergic. I won’t post pics to show you how allergic I am, that’s how allergic I am. It’s horrifying. Tiny vampires they are!


(just in case you didn’t know. it is crucial social knowledge!)

Now your turn. Tell me one odd fact about yourself. It has to be odd, or something you think other people would believe to be unusual.

Lauren @LittleRed

You’ll Have My Business IF…..

I’m sure all you small business owners out there post on your social media pages about why your product and services are IT and a BIT. You may do this regularly.

You’re cutting edge. You provide something you believe no one else is. You’re the only {insert cool business product here} seller in {insert small town or bustling metropolis here}. You know what your target market wants and why they need you RIGHT NOW.

You spend a lot of time marketing your service and your products in the hope that someone or a group of someones will engage with you. And we all know what engagement leads to. Number one? Strengthened relationships. Number two? Sales.

I like to be different and take a walk on the weird side every now and then. So this is what I’m proposing. Think about how much time you spend selling yourself and your products {which, as a rule in the social media scene, shouldn’t be all that much or often} and now spend half that time researching which businesses you WANT to engage with. Sales are sales, if you are that desperate.  Focusing on which businesses you can work with can strengthen your brand and build your business character. Think back to your target market. Does that need to change? Has it evolved with your business planning? Have your business goals changed? Of all the clients you have provided a service to or sold products to, which have you really remembered?

Whichever industry, field, market etc you’re in, there will be top business owners, mediocre business owners, rubbish business owners and THE GREATEST BUSINESS OWNERS {just to emphasise the point}. Choose the ones you want to engage with wisely. Make your relationships work for you. You do it in your personal lives- you have family and friends who support you and love you, are there for you when you need it. So do it in business. Find those awesome businesses that can give you EXACTLY what you are after. Don’t just settle.

Branding after all is building. Build your name, your business reputation, your service, your products and your research skills. Make communication, documentation and RELATIONSHIPS your number one priorities. Think about who you engage with. That might seem sensible and also a bit strange of me to say. But when you take the Facebook Networking “Like for Like” scenario of engagement between businesses, thinking about who you are engaging with doesn’t always come to mind. You like their page, they like yours.

Then what? You get their news feed items straight to yours and vice versa. But do you really need to know what is happening with those body wraps that claim to reduce your waistline in just a matter of days if you are an accountant? Do you need to know which baby hair accessories are on sale for Christmas if you are single, a male and running an online marketing page?

Be wise and be weary. Get the most out of your networking and marketing by choosing wisely who you will share your business time with and also those will be share in your business dealings. Your business is precious and a valuable asset in your life, whether you are making dream dollars or not. You have started your business for a reason and that reason is as important today as it was the day you started working on your vision. Business relationships are a two-way street, like any relationship.

Give and take. It’s not always about how your business can work to make sales for you, it’s also about how other businesses can help yours to flourish. How can you help someone else in their small business adventures? You will learn from other great business owners, it shouldn’t always be about what you can sell or what they can buy.

Make this a rule- You’ll have my business IF we will both grow from the experience. Appreciate each other’s experience, background and knowledge. Quick sales don’t help you grow. Well, maybe a few dozen or a few hundred do, over time. But just try it. Time and money will be saved and your brand will be strengthened.

Lauren @LittleRed

For those Business Owners who use Xero…..this will definitely come in handy. Contact Jen via for more details

Bookkeeping Melbourne


Add ons to Xero

There are a number of add-ons to enhance your Xero experience. Xero add-ons allow you to manage all aspects of your business through application integration. Below is a list of a few of the add-ons available.


WorkflowMax allows you and your staff to track time, manage jobs, create quotes, purchase orders and invoices. Using the advanced reporting, you can measure how productive your team is, whether you’re on schedule and more importantly how much money you are making on each job.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank converts those annoying bits of paper – receipts and invoices – into Xero data.


Vend is point-of-sale software. Vend is online, like Xero, so there is nothing to install and you can use it on almost any computer.

Unleashed Software

Unleashed provides online inventory software for Xero, allowing accurate costs, margins and stock control.


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I Can’t Live Without My….

There are some things in life, and I’m not necessarily talking luxuries here, that people can’t live without. There are obsessions and addictions, where people believe they couldn’t possibly breathe another breath without the object/person etc in question.

My list encompasses much less daunting things. Some people may not care for my favourites. If you do, we have something in common. If you don’t, you are probably in the 99% of the world’s population.

I love, and can’t live without, these things and people:

  1. I have to say my family first- they paid me a lot of money to do so
  2. music and my Sennheiser mega headphones
  3. Schweppes Creamy Soda
  4. {Quality} Stand-Up
  5. the chance to go shopping for adult things- and no, I don’t mean what you are thinking. I’m a lady. I mean items that are not of the Fisher Price, Barbie, Trash Pack, Hot Wheels or Lego varieties
  6. my senses- hey, everyone needs this, but I think I’m one of those tactile, sensitive human beings who really focuses on sights, scents and touch for memory purposes. it’s awesome to say the least.
  7. my memory- apart from allowing me to hold down my {hectic} job, I need this to relive my childhood, teenage years and the years I’ve lost to Pregnancy and Baby Brain
  8. my phone- I love talking. And taking semi-artistic pictures. And playing games on my phone help me nod off to sleep!
  9. my friends- who else keeps me from going bonkers?
  10. my writing- for all those times when people have had enough of me talk!

What can’t you live without? Have you tried going without these things?



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