Don’t be afraid…

Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone – Unknown.

I am NEVER afraid to have a different opinion. I am NEVER afraid to say or do something you just wouldn’t think to say or do. Cliched as it is, I really do wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m not afraid to be emotional, to have a good cry or to yell. I have strong beliefs and even stronger values and if they don’t match yours, well that is A-OH-KAY. I wasn’t put on this beautiful Earth as a mirror image of someone else.

I’ve walked my own paths in life. I’ve chosen my own direction. I’ve made my own decisions, regardless of who is by my side at the finish line. All I need is me, and it took me a long time (maybe longer than most?) to realize that I’ve always been strong enough to face any challenge.

When I write, I do write for myself. But always in the hope that one person (hopefully more) out there has a light bulb moment and my words gel with them. I’ve wondered for a while why I feel drawn to writing. Maybe it really is because I feel like I have messages within me and around me that can help others.

As you read this, think about how often you’ve stood alone in a fight for something you believe in. It can be lonely, but it’s honest and gives you confidence to believe in yourself. Whether you win or not, do yourself a favour and don’t be afraid. Do yourself proud and give everything you do all you’ve got. Just back yourself or no one else will.



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