Blogs That Rock My Socks Off- A Little Red List


 The Little Red “Top 10” for this week is….drum rollllllllll……..Blogs I Adore

Starting at Number One, and in no particular order:

Laughing Kids Learn


A great blog about fun activities for children of all ages. And by children, I mean me! I’ve spent many a day ploughing through this site and finding the coolest things to do with Master Nearly-5 and Miss 6 Months.

My favourite posts?

For Master Nearly-5: make your own toys using old cards. Genius and environmentally friendly (which nearly all of their activities are)

For Miss 6 months:  I made Miss 6 Months a Sensory Board, thanks to this creative post

The Eco Mum

Just typing “The Eco Mum” makes me want to sit out in the garden in silence while I eat a big bowl of organic fruit salad, sip on my Detox tea and watch the world float by

A blog, a resource, an iPhone app, an online store. Sheesh, what more could a Hippie Mumma want from a blog?


My favourite post?

The Eco Mum explore clean and green ways to combat stress and anxiety as a Mum

The Venture

Tony Featherstone puts together his finest work for the Age/SMH in this blog about all things small business and entrepreneurship.

He came “highly recommended” to me via Google a few months back, and I’ve followed ever since

My favourite post?

(You’ll have to click to find out more)


Nurse Uncut

You may or may not know I am a Registered Nurse (in my “spare” time). So you will see where my fondness for this blog stems from. Nurse Uncut is a NSW-based blog about all things Nursey. A forum, a resource library, a job networking spot. And best of all, one of my dearest Nursey friends is featured on the blog.

I’m a Victorian, but hey, nursing is the same everywhere (pay issues, long hours, shift work, back pain, bed pans, threats of the needlestick kind, union action and really bad memes about how society portrays a nurse etc)


My favourite post?

An interesting tale of a young woman who unfortunately didn’t receive a graduate position after graduating from university. She was working for The Body Shop as a Retail Assistant at the time of writing. Ridiculous and non-sensical, considering the nursing shortage spans metro and rural hospitals far and wide!

Bah hum bug!

Fat Mum Slim

What do you get when you cross photography, every day life, journalling, inspired living and pretty delish recipes. Fat Mum Slim. A fellow Aussie and Mum, Chantelle has inspired me to take a kazillion (yes, I’m pretty sure that is a standard metric unit of measurement) photos of the world around myself, my work, my family and my every day life and turn the collection into something I can proudly look back on.

FMS blogs about just about anything. Photography, food, parenting, giving birth (yep, ouch) and blogging in general.

My favourite post?

Why, this month’s #FMS Photo A Day list of course!


It Gets Better Project

A project that involves supporting youths who also happen to be Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered Youth around the world by reminding them that “it gets better”. A pure message of love. There’s nothing more I need to say about this supremely amazing project/cause, except that it’s one that I’ll keep close to my heart forever.

My favourite post?


Smitten Kitchen

A mum blogs about her kitchen, her recipes, her family. Deb, based in New York, has written cook books, won cooking awards and won blogging awards. Talented plus. I love food, I love cooking, I love being a mum and I love photography, which Deb does too. The thought of home cooking is just too comforting for words, and I’m never lost for words.

My favourite post?

Died and went to Nectarine-laden heaven when I saw this recipe posted:


images (5)

Girl With Curves

Something I’d never have, and that is marketable personal style! As a self-confessed dag, I totally love the Girl With Curve’s Outfit Inspiration. What better press for a world set on stereotyping skinny girls as the beautiful girls, than the styling of Tanesha Awasthi in a mini. And she rocks curves.

My favourite post?

Styling 101

(in other words, when you put the dress on and you don’t look at all like the girl on the fashion website)


The Cowardly Feminist

Don’t stop reading. I’m not about to bra-burn in protest! Just wanted you to read all about my #9 Blog Pick, the Cowardly Feminist. Vesta Vayne is a Bloggie-Winning Blogger who charges forward into the world of being a woman. That’s it! She is hilarious, swears like a trooper and is totally honest and LOL-funny.

My favourite post?

Because I can relate to this Californian Girl.

images (6)


The Bloggess.Com

One of the quirkiest blogs I’ve followed in years. The Bloggess’ “humor” (American spelling?) just sits right with me. Another woman who cusses (or swears in Australian). Any woman )or any man for that matter) who can publish her own memoir gets a thumbs up from me, because I find them intensely fascinating to read.

Random Post Alert: her comments are very random, and she has an insanely large following

My favourite post?

So random, but I laughed a laugh of the LOL variety

(Again, click and watch the hilarity unfold)

images (7)

So there you have it. The “Top 10” Blogs I Adore. Please note: this may change within 48 hours! I read a lot of blogs, and by a lot, I mean A LOT.

Which kind of blogs are your favourite? Informative? Humourous? Adventurous? Daring and decidedly different?

I’d love to share your favourite blogs with you all


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