Little Red’s Round Up #1

A prince and future heir was born. Little George Alexander Louis finally entered the world his week, after apparently hanging about a bit too long in the royal womb! One can only hope that he gets more privacy and his parents, especially his mother, are more supported than William’s mother was in her quest to bring up two little princes with as little “paid assistance” as possible. For a future heir, he is pretty cute!


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The plight of refugees seeking asylum in Australia and their re-routing to Indonesia and PNG continues.

Watch here as a Sri Lankan mother fights tears after losing her 4 year old on the journey to Australia. Absolutely breaks my heart that these people just want a better life, with less poverty and more chance for opportunity and the debate over whether they should be turned away to Indonesia continues. Kevin Rudd has made his view on the turning away of asylum seekers in Australian Waters crystal clear (check out the Australian’s comments here) and UN Refugee and Asylum Seeker Agencies are not overly impressed.


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Pope Francis returns to his native Brazil to tour the slums, celebrate World Youth Day, bless the most beautiful babies and to speak to the masses about keeping faith and playing football ahead of next year’s World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Check out his visit to Brazil here, in which he expressed support for those who are protesting for peace and less corruption within the South American country.


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Victorian Ambos continue their push for a pay rise and recognition as equals in line with Ambos all other Australian States and Territories.


(Image Courtesy of Code Red- Value Our Ambos)

Please spend a few minutes checking out the Facebook Page for current happenings on the fight for Victorian Ambos here

or go to and Support our Ambos- you never know when you’ll need them and they are worth a tonne more than the little wage rise and better working conditions than they are fighting the Napthine Government for.

Liverpool FC played Melbourne Victory at the MCG and the spectacle attracted a crowd of around 95,000. Meanwhile, the Bombers continue to crumble in front of their supporters’ eyes after chairman David Evans vows “this is not farewell”, then quits as the club’s head the following day.


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Finally, Tom Meagher, wife of rape and murder victim Jill Meagher, confronts the Adult Parole Board of Victoria (yet again) about a review of their procedures surrounding the release of serious sex offenders into the community and parole conditions regarding offenders who committ serious offences whilst still on parole. His emails and letters to them went ignored until the Moreland Mayor stepped in.

Read about the latest in Tom Meagher’s fight here to uphold the memory of his beloved wife and to remind the Adult Parole Board about their Duty of Care to members of the community. After all, this Board exists primarily to ensure the safety of the community by controlling the release of criminals back into the community on certain conditions. It’s more than a pity that in two high profile cases, that of Jill Meagher’s brutal rape and murder and the horrfying discovery of Bacchus Marsh woman Sarah Cafferkey’s body in Point Cook (following her murder by a man on parole who was known to her), both men were on parole at the time these savagely violent crimes were carried out. Let’s see how the Parole Board handle Tom’s outrage in the coming days.

Some good, mostly bad and gutwrenching news headlines throughout Twitter, Facebook, Melbourne Newspapers and on the TV this week. Hoping this week will be a ray of sunshine in the news department. Well, I can dream can’t I?

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