Why Your Website Content Needs An Overhaul TODAY


(Image Courtesy of iwebhostingcoupons.com)

You may have focussed on what your site looks like to prospective clients, as opposed to spending the same amount of time writing the perfect content which consumers will enjoy reading. And more importantly, consumers will remember. We all need an elegant, bright website. But we need the content to match.

Your slogans are cheezy and outdated, and don’t represent the image you want for your business. The text doesn’t match the photos and infographics on your pages.  Some pages have bundles of paragraphs, while some have only two sentences. The slogans, combined with text don’t represent the heart of your business. Your messages are not creative, concise, well-scripted, are inconsistent or not reiterated throughout your site. And embarassingly enough, you may have included avoidable grammatical and spelling errors. Your consumers will assume you don’t care enough about the finer details of your site, so why should they collaborate with you? Will you make these mistakes in working for them too?

Your content may not target the consumers you have set out to reach. You are missing out on business and networking opportunities because you are not focussing on the clients who have a need for your business. The description of you, your service/products and your contact details may not be clear and mightn’t paint a true picture to your clients. Your products and services are no doubt state of the art, current and you are pitching your business as a “must-need” item, group of items or service. So why can’t your text be as realistic as this? Why can’t your content show consumers why they absolutely must read on? And contact you to find out more?

You aren’t showing your consumers what they can expect from your business and readers will not stay for long on your site if they are not interested. It really is as simple as that. The majority of your business prospects, no matter which industry you work in, will head to your website first or ask for your web address when meeting you face-to-face.

So make each word count for something. Ask Lauren at Little Red Writing Solutions how she can make over your content today. Whether it’s an overhaul or a “start-from-scratch” job, Lauren looks forward to writing to get it right for you.

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