Little Red’s 365 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3 – The Reason Why I Am Here

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I’ll start by defining “here” as the following:

1. on this earth

2. on this blog, writing every day

3. in my dining room


At thirty-one years of age, I’m not sure whether I am supposed to know why I have been put on this earth by this point in my life. But I do know a few things. I know that I’m not going anywhere anytime soon so should probably make the most of every day and of every opportunity. It’s so clichéd and repeated day after day in professional pieces I read and journals I look into, but really, it’s couldn’t be more important to do this. I am now not just here to take care of myself and achieve goals for myself. I have two children that need me (and a husband that may, or may not, need me around!) so I can’t just up and leave. I think we might not all have a purpose as such, I think we all fulfill certain roles in other people’s lives and their every day business. Not always on purpose either, the paths we take in life can change every day so our role here depends on the choices we make. But I know every choice we make leads us to right now. And we just need to suck it up! If we are in a bad place, make a good choice. Now that I’m here, I’ll have fun, keep trying my best in everything I set out to do and love my family and friends. Can’t do much more than that.

Why do I write every day? Because my husband doesn’t always want to hear me speak. Jokes aside, writing really does help me wind down. I can be creative in the activities I do with my kids and can try to read as much as I can but nothing helps ease a bad day more than writing. And writing anything. Something silly, something factual, a bit of reflection, a slice of persuasion. It all helps. Part of my journey in life I guess. And the best thing is, I don’t have to do it for anyone but me. I love the fact that I can write at any time of the day and about anything. It’s better than a nana nap most days. My outlook on life often changes and my likes and dislikes most definitely change every day. My schedule changes from day-to-day. I dream each day. My kids learn different skills each day and our meals are different every day. I have a tendency to meet a new person at least every day and network with a whole bunch of clever business people on a daily business. So I’m really not sure how I CAN’T write every day! So much to draw upon!


Why am I in my dining room? Because the sun is shining down on me through the window, I can keep an eye on the squidlets from here and I’m within arms reach of a hot cuppa and all my “tools”- laptop, pen, paper. Easy!



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