Little Red’s Guest Book- Interview with Jenifar Hathaway (Director of JLH Bookkeeping)



LRWS: Tell me about your business, what you do for your clients, your target market and your long-term business goals.

Jenifar: Small business bookkeeping, in particular, to help business mums set up their bookkeeping, training and development for their own business bookkeeping need. Long term, I would like to have a great team of mum bookkeepers helping other mums achieve their business goals.

LRWS: What do you enjoy about being a small business owner?

Jenifar: Freedom and not working for someone who doesn’t appreciate my work.

LRWS: Why did you chose to become a bookkeeper?

Jenifar: I am an Accountant, so bookkeeping was the easiest option to stay at home with my kids.

LRWS: Why did you choose Facebook as a marketing platform for your business?

Jenifar: I am familiar with Facebook and have found I get the greatest reach of information to people through my business page (and networking)

LRWS: Who and or what inspires you in your life?

Jenifar: My family

LRWS: How do you treat yourself after a tough week of work?

Jenifar: By doing more work

LRWS: What is the defining moment of your career so far?

Jenifar: Being featured in the local newspapers, four times!

LRWS: What are your strengths as a business woman?

Jenifar: Honesty and integrity

LRWS: What is the best piece of advice for someone who wants to start their own business?

Jenifar: Think before you jump and do your research…on everything!

LRWS: Where do you see yourself in five years time? In ten years time?

Jenifar: In five years time, I see myself back at work full-time as an Accountant (CPA) and running my bookkeeping business along side.

LRWS: What catches your eye when it comes to small businesses and their products/services? What makes you chose their products or service?

Jenifar: Being unique and professional.

LRWS: Describe yourself in five words

Jenifar: Honest, Funny, Loving, Trustworthy, logical.

LRWS: Describe your small business in five words

Jenifar: efficient, valuable, flexible, resourceful, innovative

LRWS: What famous words do you live by?

Jenifar: Live like there is no tomorrow

LRWS: Name one food you have promised yourself never to eat again

Jenifar: Asparagus….ewwwwwww!

LRWS: Do you have any current promotions/give aways etc for your current or prospective clients?

Jenifar: No, in the making.

LRWS: Why should small business owners choose JLH Bookkeeping?

Jenifar: We provide flexible, reliable bookkeeping by an Accountant.

LRWS: Any upcoming business-related events that you are presenting at or attending in your local community?

Jenifar: Motivating Mum Xero Workshop Oct 25

LRWS: Extrovert or Introvert? Fruit or Vegetable? Cocktail or Wine?

Jenifar: Extrovert, Fruit, Wine.

LRWS: Can you recommend any online communities that new small business owners should join in on?

Jenifar: Business Mums should join Motivating Mum


Thank you for your time Jenifar!

If any of you would like any more information from Jenifar on the JLH Bookkeeping Services or for any inquiries into Motivating Mum Business Clubs, please contact Jenifar via the following:

For JLH Bookkeeping

For Motivating Mum Information email Jenifar via


The next webisode of Little Red’s Guest Book will feature Tracy Speight from Warratahstree- stay tuned!



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